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Pete George LIVE in Las Vegas!

What a wonderful time headlining the Laugh Factory at the legendary Tropicana in Las Vegas. Bob Golub and Paul Scally did a fantastic job opening. Harry and the entire staff were fantastic, and what great shows. Thank you!!!!

Still laughing the next morning

“My husband and I had such a GREAT evening at The Laugh Factory last night! We laughed so hard it hurt! PETE GEORGE was the BEST We’ve seen and heard! Not only is he hysterically hilarious in his comedic skills to the point we are laugh crying and his interaction with the audience is perfection, but then he picks up his electric guitar and blows us away with his musical abilities! WOW what a talent! Pete George should have his own sitcom! He is a SUPERSTAR! We had such a great experience at the Laugh Factory! We can’t wait to see Pete George again!!! Thank you for such an amazing lineup of talent!”

- Robin F.

Laughed So Hard, I got My Abs Back!

“We laughed so hard we woke up this morning laughing and quoting the jokes that killed us with laughter last night! Brilliant Pete George is Insanely Funny and Talented while Rocking us out with his Guitar work and making us lose it with his super funny comedy!”

- Joel M.

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